Why You Should Shop Local – and LGBTQ-Owned

Here at QueerCos, we support LGBTQ-owned businesses – and, therefore, we support small businesses.

Small businesses make the world go ‘round. Many of the world’s large companies started as small, family-run businesses. With the support of their communities, they were able to grow into empires.

Where you spend your money matters. The people whose businesses you support literally rely on your dollars to survive and thrive. Of course, that’s reason enough to support small businesses in your area – but why else should you shop local, small and LGBTQ-owned? 

Feed the Local Economy
Get the latest bestseller at your local, independent bookseller, and your dollars go to the store’s employees and owner – who will spend that money at other local businesses, too. Get the latest bestseller at a big box store and your money goes…where? Probably into the pockets of an over-paid CEO in a city far away. Feed your local economy, and your local economy will grow – which is good for everyone.

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Special Selection
You likely can’t find a huge selection of books about the transgender experience at a chain bookstore. You probably won’t find a bisexual pride flag at a chain home goods store. But you can definitely find those types of things in locally- and LGBTQ-owned stores. Because the owner knows what their fellow community members need, want and are looking for, they can offer a better, specialized selection of items. 

Support Local Charities
Small business owners are much more likely to support local community organizations, charities and other groups that help the town. Small businesses give 250% more to nonprofits and charities than large businesses. Your dollar doesn’t just go into the owner’s pocket – it goes into the bank accounts of local service groups, charities and more. If you’re shopping at an LGBTQ-owned business, that business owner is likely to give to local queer support groups and organizations.

More Jobs for Everyone
Successful small businesses will need more employees as they continue to thrive, so your purchases pay for job creation. These days, younger generations want to work for smaller companies that align with their values instead of huge, anonymous corporations. Plus, small companies often offer easier or clearer paths to promotions and other ways to grow. Also, LGBTQ employees who work for an LGBTQ-business owner can feel secure and safe in working for someone who won’t discriminate against them.

Going Green
Your greenbacks help the environment! Because small business owners are likely to shop local, too, this cuts down the need for transportation – which means less pollution, traffic and congestion, habitat loss and resource depletion.

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A+ Customer Service
“Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name,” the “Cheers” theme song says, “and they’re always glad you came.” There’s a reason the bar in “Cheers” was so beloved – because they knew their customers well and appreciated them. You don’t get that at a business owned by a major corporation. Walking up to a locally-owned bar and asking for your “usual” drink is priceless. Plus, small business employees know their products inside and out, and can likely answer any question you can dream up.

Support Local Creativity
There are chain restaurants everywhere – but only your local bakery makes the best cheesecakes. Small businesses need to stand out in a crowd of competition, so you’re likely to find innovative, creative, and unique products at small businesses. Why buy a boring “life – life – love” sign from a corporate home goods store when you can buy a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind piece of art from the artist down the street?

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Author: vlawson29