Why List With Us?

Fosters Community Support

A listing on QueerCos.com renders your business easily identifiable as an LGBTQ owned business for LGBTQ and non-LGBTQ consumers who understand that where they do business has an impact. Capturing like-minded, supportive consumers via QueerCos.com assists LGBTQ-owned businesses with gaining a loyal, wide-ranging, and innovative consumer segment with significant purchasing power.


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QueerCos is a LGBTQ woman Owned business

Why was QueerCos.com created? While traveling for work, I struggled time and again while attempting to locate LGBTQ owned restaurants where I’d have a sense of safety amongst peers. Plenty of “LGBTQ friendly” directories exist, however LGBTQ owned is different and it’s deliberate. Our community frequently congregates at LGBTQ-owned businesses bringing, first, a sense of safety to socializing and conducting business, and second, fosters support for LGBTQ business owners. I no longer work for corporate America and am excited to launch QueerCos.com to help fill the gap between patrons and LGBTQ owned businesses. 

Supports Diversity

In addition to shining a spotlight on LGBTQ business owners, QueerCos.com provides Owner Diversity filters to make it easy to optimize consumer support of owner diversity even further.  Ethnicity and demographic data provided during the listing process, coupled with built in search tools, provide the ability to isolate search results to identify Black owned businesses, Hispanic owned businesses, and other diversified owners. Additionally, awareness banners are presented on the site to highlight diversity events such as Black Business month in August, Hispanic Heritage month in September among others, to bring awareness to consumers as they conduct their searches and finalize their choices of where to do business.

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